Luxury Cat Hotel

Guest Activities


Jungle Room Adventure ~ $5.00 per session

Available for guests who wish to get out and explore for 1/2 hour sessions.

The jungle room experience is limited to one cat per session (unless from same family).

Cuddle/Story Time ~ $5.00 per session

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Hotel guests can snuggle up for a 30 minute cuddle and story time with one of our friendly carers. If your cat has a favourite book, let us know!

Revitalise Fur and Nail Package ~ $45.00


This package is especially for hotel guests who wish to be pampered and feel beautiful. Includes a relaxing massage, fur combing with knot removal, and a full pedicure service including nail trim and application of sparkle nail caps (Soft Paws), which are available in various colours. Please specify your colour preference.

Ultimate Spa Day Package ~ $65.00

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This ultimate beauty package includes full grooming service, with cleaning of our guest’s eyes and ears, as well as a full pedicure with nail trim and application of sparkle nail caps. This package is perfect to book for the day prior to departure!

Weight Loss Management Program ~ $150.00


Our unique weight loss management program is offered for those guests who have been a little too indulgent and need some help getting back to a healthy weight. The program is individually designed and tailored by our resident veterinarian prior to hotel check-in and implemented during the guest’s stay.