Luxury Cat Hotel

Deluxe Suites

New York Suite

The New York suite features a stunning view of Central Park, a floor to ceiling main living area, multiple ledges for perching and playtime and a separate private en-suite bathroom and sleep zone. The New York suite is located adjacent to our Jungle Adventure Playroom and is ideal for those cats with an inquisitive nature who enjoy watching other cats at play.

Capri Suite

The Capri suite features a beautiful view of the Isle of Capri and is an enticing suite for those cats who love the sea! This suite also features a floor to ceiling main living area, customised cabinetry with multiple ledges for perching and playtime, and a separate private en suite bathroom and sleep zone.

As with all levels of accommodation, our Deluxe Suites feature a spacious and comfortable climate controlled environment, as well as luxurious hotel amenities including soothing music, hypoallergenic bedding, room service and an entertaining guest activities program. Please note that while the Deluxe Suites are large, they are not big enough to accommodate more than one guest. Alternatively, our Superior and Penthouse  suites can accommodate multiple guests from the same family.

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