Senior Health Care

As is the case with their human minders, as pets age they will often require more frequent preventative health checks. We recommend twice yearly health checks to monitor your pet for the common problems that older pets encounter. Early detection of any health issues your pet may develop allows for easier and more successful treatment. Common problems include sight and hearing decline, obesity, dental disease, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, tumours and reduced cognitive function.

The most common ailment that inflicts older pets is osteoarthritis (arthritis).

Signs that your pet may be suffering from arthritis include:

  • Difficulty in rising from a lying position
  • Stiff (or slow) movements after resting – especially on a cold morning
  • “Limping” that resolves quickly
  • Reluctance to walk, climb stairs, or perform usual activities such as jumping up on the lounge (or for older cats, declining to even use the litter box)
  • Biting (or licking) affected joints – joints may appear larger

If you notice any of these typical signs in your older pet, please make an appointment to discuss your concerns with us.