The Day Before Surgery


Your pet can be fed as usual the night before their procedure. Please remove their bowl after 8pm or before you go to bed. Your pet’s water bowl can remain out.



If you think your pet requires bathing, we recommend that this is done prior to the day of surgery, as you will not be able to have a bath for at least 12 days after their procedure. Bong Bong Vet Hospital proudly stocks Ivory Coat grooming products, which are all-natural Australian sourced products with ingredients that contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities. Ivory Coat products are ideal for your pet’s pre procedure bath.

The Day of Surgery

Please present your pet for admission at our front reception at your allocated time. You will be required to complete consent forms (if not already submitted) for your pet’s procedure. Please ensure that all your contact details are correct.

We do also ask that your pet is up to date on all their vaccinations. If these are not current, we will vaccinate your pet during their admission (this cost will be added to the cost of their procedure and invoiced on discharge). You will be advised on your pets expected discharge time.

Your pet will then be admitted to our pre-op surgical ward. Here your pet will have a full examination, and pre-anaesthetic testing will be performed (if requested). Please do not hesitate to ask a Bong Bong Vet team member for our pre-anaesthetic information handout if you would like to read more about these tests.

Your pet may get a little anxious prior to their procedure. If so, a sedative will be administered to help your pet relax. Please be aware that it is usually necessary to clip your pet’s hair around the area of surgery to maintain a sterile zone and optimal operating conditions. They may come home with a special haircut! Your vet will also tailor an individual anaesthetic program for your pet, based on their age, breed, and current health status.

Your pet will be closely monitored throughout their procedure and during the recovery period by one of our highly trained veterinary nurses. Our recovery ward is equipped with hygienic bedding along with heat pads for extra warmth. Pain relief is provided to all pets, and if required, we will discharge your pet with medication so they can continue to recover at home comfortably. Please rest assured that your pet will receive the highest level of care and attention.


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