In-house laboratory and diagnostics

Bong Bong Veterinary Hospital is committed to offering the highest level of care. Our Hospital is equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment.

Vetscan & IDEXX Blood Analysis Systems

In-house laboratory allows for quick blood analysis to achieve an accurate and rapid diagnosis. This is especially important in critically ill pets or those that may require immediate emergency treatment.

In the case of specialty blood tests, these are performed offsite by an external pathology provider and usually take one to two days for results.

Digital Radiography

Our Hospital is equipped with state of the art digital Radiography equipment. This allows for your pets X-ray images to be digitally captured and for immediate results, ensuring quick and accurate diagnosis and expedited treatment for your pet.

Radiographs are quite safe for your pet. To stop your pet from becoming anxious, and to keep them as calm and happy as possible, we will usually give your pet a light sedative. This will also aid in helping keep your pet relatively still and allowing us to obtain good quality images.



At Bong Bong Vet Hospital, we have state of the art ultrasound equipment allowing on site diagnostic ultrasound testing to be performed within our radiology suite. Bong Bong Vet has specialty team members who are expertly trained to provide your pet with the highest level of diagnostic ultrasound testing.

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At Bong Bong Veterinary Hospital, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the highest standard of care with the latest in diagnostic testing.

Specialty Cardiac Imaging Services

A healthy heart is critical to your pet’s long term wellbeing and longevity. At Bong Bong Veterinary Hospital we have a dedicated cardiac department that has the latest in specialty cardiac ultrasound diagnostic equipment and Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment, along with a specialist qualified cardiac sonographer on staff who has 20+ years experience in specialty cardiac imaging and diagnostic work. This allows you the peace of mind knowing that if the need arises, your pet will be offered expert cardiac care without the need to travel long distances to a city referral center for this service.

At your pet’s annual preventative health care check, your pet will have a full examination and be checked for any signs of heart disease. It is critically important that the signs of heart disease are detected early and treatment options are discussed and commenced. We have the latest in cardiac medications on hand allowing your pet the best possible outcome.