Dental Care

Dental disease has become the one of the most common health issues for pets. Without proper dental care, many pets will show signs of oral disease by age three. With your help, your pets can have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives. You simply need to provide them with a few things:

  • A nutritious diet including raw bones (NEVER cooked)
  • Chew treats
  • Regular brushing at home
  • Yearly dental checkups by one of our veterinarians

Good dental health begins with a proper diet

Feeding your pet dry food helps remove the bacterial plaque that can harden into tartar through its mild abrasive action on the teeth. During your pet’s dental check-up, we may recommend the use of special dry foods designed to reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

Brushing your pet’s teeth

Dogs and cats can have their teeth brushed in order to eliminate the dental plaque that can cause tooth decay and the formation of tartar. We recommended that you begin a regular brushing routine when your puppy or kitten is between 6 – 8 weeks of age. Remember to praise your pet and reward them with a special dental chew!


Don’t forget a yearly dental checkup!

To provide optimum dental care at home, you need to start with a clean bill of dental health. That’s where we come in! During your pet’s preventative health care examination, our vet will examine the entire oral cavity to determine whether there are any underlying problems, as well as assess for tartar build up. If tartar is detected, we will recommend professional cleaning and polishing. This procedure is performed in our surgical suite under a general anaesthetic.