Caring for Your Pet After Surgery

During your pet’s surgical procedure, a general anaesthetic and/or sedative was given, which can take a number of hours to wear off and can, in some cases, cause your pet to be a little drowsy for a day or so. Post-procedure, your pet may experience some mild discomfort and pain, so we have administered pain relief that will aid in minimising your pet’s discomfort. To assist in your pet’s recovery, make sure they are kept warm and comfortable and stay relatively rested and quiet. Climbing stairs, jumping, or running may open up sutures or cause nausea.
If the vet has prescribed medication to administer during your pet’s recovery, please follow all instructions carefully. If you are unsure on any of the medication details, or having trouble following instructions, please contact us.

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Feeding Your Pet

Unless you have been instructed otherwise, on the night of your pet’s procedure a small amount of food may be offered. Please ensure that your pet has water to drink and that food and water are within easy reach.

Caring For Your Pets Wound

Your pet’s wound needs to be kept clean and dry for approximately 10 days. If your pet has stitches, they may chew or lick them. This can disrupt or delay the healing process and in some cases cause infection. If your pet is showing an excessive interest in the wound, we recommend that an Elizabethan collar is used. Alternatively, bitter tasting preparations that are sprayed onto your pets wound are available. If you have any concerns regarding your pet’s wound, please do not hesitate to contact us. A Bong Bong Vet team member will be more than happy to help advise you on for the right product for your pet.

Elizabethan Collar

Elizabethan collars are easy to remove and place back on your pet. Most pets will learn to eat, sleep and be their normal selves while wearing the collar after a day or so. The Elizabethan collar should remain on at all times. However, if you would like to give your pet some time with their collar off, this should be done under your direct supervision.


Signs that can indicate a problem post- operatively include:

• Lethargy and/or vomiting (particularly after 24 hours)
• Excessive redness, bleeding or discharge from the site of surgery
• Swelling around the surgery site
• Strong smell or odour from procedure
site (bandage)

If you have any concerns regarding your pet’s post-operative recovery, please contact us to speak to one of our Bong Bong Vet team members for advice.

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