When your pet is scheduled for a procedure that will require sedation and/or anaesthesia, they will receive a full examination prior to the administration of a sedative or anaesthetic. Any medical or other conditions that are observed and may effect sedation or anaesthesia will be considered, noted and discussed with you prior to the procedure or surgery being performed.
However, as there are some medical conditions that do not readily show up during this evaluation, we strongly recommend that pre-anaesthetic blood tests be performed prior to the sedation or anaesthesia.

We therefore ask that the owners of all pets who are scheduled for sedation or anaesthesia to consider pre-anaesthetic blood tests for their pet. These tests are run in our in-house laboratory.

These blood tests allow us to:

Establish a “baseline” database: Testing performed before sedation or anaesthesia makes any tests run in the future more valuable, as values can be compared.

Diagnose pre-existing conditions: These blood tests help to diagnose conditions such as low red blood cell counts, dehydration, low sugar reserves, and organ dysfunctions. Appropriate measures can be taken to address these issues and increase the safety of the sedation or anaesthesia.

Provide additional peace of mind: Pre–anaesthetic blood tests offer an additional level of diligence that assures a positive outcome, and provide increased peace of mind
The cost of pre-anaesthetic testing is $65.00.


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